What are effective ways to promote a small business without going broke?

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Three Ways to Effectively Promote a Small Business Without Breaking the Bank

Obscurity bites. You have a great product. You have your packaging ready. You have the numbers crunched, you self-taught accountant, you. You have your facilities up and running and you have the perfect price strategy. Oh, the glories of a great price strategy!

But you have missed a most imperative ingredient to your small business's success; you have missed out on promotion.

Yours is a small business in a big business world. It’s painless for big business to throw money into the magic jar of their marketing department and watch as revenue grows upon the trees of capitalism. You, on the other hand, don't have that luxury. Your marketing department is you and you are no magic jar.

However, you are in luck. There is a path to compelling promotion that will not cost you your soul in dollars. So without further ado, here are 3 ways to effectively promote a small business without breaking the bank.

1. Give them great content

Your market is interested in finding someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone who has seen the other side and come out alive. Someone with authority.

And look! Here comes your content to save the day. Yes. Your digital content can be that authority building mechanism that you need. Give information away on your website. Shower them in the wonders of your intimate knowledge with your weekly blog. Show them the world and its secrets with your opt-in email. Then they will come.

In short, give away valuable information on your blog, social media, emails and your website and watch as your authority grows in the minds of your consumers.

2. Give them something to talk about

You remember high school. The name calling, the pushing in the hallways, the horror! No? Well maybe your experience was a bit different but how did I make it out of my high school troubles? I did something crazy.

When I did this absurd thing, I was no longer that kid lost in obscurity, I was that kid that drank a gallon of milk in an impressive amount of time.

I don't recommend milk chugging, but I do recommend the absurd. Offer a crazy deal. Sponsor a puppy pageant. Write an ode to Charles Barkley and post it on social media. Just don't hold back.

3. Fight for your right to be found on Google

Get yourself familiar with basic SEO strategy. If you are wondering, SEO is scary business jargon for "let's get found on google". It's time to worry about it. People google things. They do. So your business should be aggressively chasing search engine glory. This starts with a cup of coffee and some research.

There you have it.

Now Go. Write your way to authority. Do something outlandish. Get your business googled. In doing so, you will add inexpensive promotion to your strategy which is a great move in the age-old small business battle against obscurity.

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